About the Harpswell Foundation

The organization that I am working with in Phnom Penh is called the Harpswell Foundation. The main mission of Harpswell is to “empower a new generation of women in Cambodia.”

It’s clear that the success of developing countries will need to rely strongly on the education and empowerment of their women. It’s Harpswell’s mission to help facilitate this process in Cambodia, and in an efficient and intimate way. There are about 85 women in Harpswell, split between two dorms, Teuk Thla and Boeng Trabaek (my dorm). The women are selected from provinces across the country, and given free room and board, free healthcare, a safe environment with 24 hours security and all the resources they could need to help them succeed at University and beyond.

My Role

I am the Leadership Resident at the Boeng Trabaek dorm. There are 2 other LRs at the TT dorm, which is slightly larger. My role is to teach English classes, facilitate a current events class, arrange individual tutoring sessions, and basically act as an educational/training/tutoring resource for the girls. Pretend you were majoring in Spanish and just happened to have a Spaniard living in your home. How awesome would it be to have them double check your essays, ask them about word meanings, etc. A really great, and comfortable resource. In case you’re curious- this is a volunteer position, but there are some small stipends available for food/transportation, which is really helpful.

My Schedule


Intermediate I: 8-9pm

Intermediate II: 9-10pm


Intermediate I: 8-9pm

Intermediate II: 9-10pm


Intermediate I: 8-9pm

Intermediate II: 9-10pm


Cambodia Daily discussion (current events): 8-9pm

Every other Saturday

Cambodia Daily discussion (current events): 4-5pm

In addition to the classes, I’m anticipating about 12-15 additional hours per week for individual sessions with a few students. A couple girls have already signed up to meet with me 3 hours a week to work on individual goals: grammar, writing, reading, etc. They’re extremely motivated and eager to learn.

If you’re interested in donating to Harpswell, please see the donation page: http://harpswellfoundation.org/contact/index.html

If you’re interested in becoming a Leadership Resident, feel free to contact me (jenkraska@gmail.com) and I can put you in touch with the right people and answer any questions that you might have.

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