Last night in the dorm

My last night in the dorm was spent getting “coined.” See below. This was something I promised that I would do before I left, and then procrastinated. Coining is a traditional healing treatment here in Cambodia, and Vietnam. Almost any ailment can be “cured” by basically scrapping a coin/rounded object against slightly oiled skin until the blood vessel burst. The idea behind it is that it somehow opens up the skin to let the “wind” or illness out.

The first time I saw this was when I walked into our room to see Sithat’s back like this and Watey over her, scraping away. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? STOP HURTING HER?!?” A google or two later, I figured out what was going on.

Did it hurt? Not really. It’s not comfortable, but doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks.

image (3)

image (4) photo (17)

Then Sithat and Houng gave me a shirt that they had made. The front says “Cambodia Loves Jen” and the back is a picture of the two of them from Sunday and they explained that they “have my back.” Love it. Houng couldn’t actually give it to me as she’s been crying for the past hour in her bunk. Break my heart. She’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. It’s just sad. I created a picture book for each of them on Shutterfly, and having my mom bring it with her. I hope they like them.

Off for my last sleep in Harpswell.

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